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Bridal Bouquets

Brooch Bouquets are premier hand-crafted artistry, custom-made to last a lifetime.  Carrying a Couture Bouquet down the aisle inspires you to be unique and let your personality shine!

Choose to have your Couture Bouquet custom-made with our pieces or incorporate your own sentimental pieces and create a memorable heirloom for your family for generations.

Couture Bouquets may contain any mixture of the following, but not limited to:

• Brooches
• Vintage Jewelry
• Costume Jewelry
• Silk / Satin Flowers
• Handmade flower Flowers
• Memorable fabrics
• Buttons
• Shells

We can be as creative as you want us to be.  Take an old tie of your dad’s or your mom’s favorite scarf and we’ll turn it into a beautiful flower or wrap for your Bouquet so your loved ones can “walk down the aisle with you”.

Because Couture Bouquets are custom made, a consultation is required to determine a price for your Bouquet.  Factors that will affect the price include size and expense of materials.  Please note that a 30% deposit is required before we can begin crafting your Bouquet.

Want to save some money on your bouquet? Invite your guests at the shower to bring a brooch for you in the colors you would like your bouquet to be and we will assemble it for you for a small labor / supply fee. For the added personal touch, have someone at the shower take a picture of the brooches and have each person write a little note. Attach the note to the brooch and we will assembly a photo album of your bouquet from the first brooch to the completed bouquet.

Custom Couture Bouquets take 2-3 weeks to complete.  We recommend that you order no later than 6 weeks from your wedding to ensure plenty of time for completion and shipping.

While we have some pre-made Bouquets available on our website and Facebook page that are ready for immediate sale, our specialty is Custom-made Couture Bouquets.

Your delight with your Couture Bouquet is our NUMBER ONE priority.  Eye Candy designner will be in touch with you during the creation of your heirloom and will provide plenty of pictures for review as we sculpt your bouquet.

To inquire about designing your dream bouquets contact us here:

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